Friday, August 20, 2010

A new "home"

I first started blogging in 2007...

with a single post in all of a year's time.

And I set it up as a promotional blog for my website, Girly Girl Bowtique.

Blogging for self promotion never caught on with me. I'm not that type.

When I first began researching adoption and discovered the world of adoption blogs in 2008 and started to post and needed a blog of my own I just used what I had already set up.

Now it's feeling a little funny to tell people who ask about how our adoption is going that they can follow us on, well, a blog with a bowtique url.

So I have spent the past hour or so exporting and importing my blog contents to a new address. Unfortunately I have to move over all the elements one at a time. I've done most of them, but switching over the blogs I like to follow will take time. That will have to come later.

I have very few followers at this addy anyway, but if you are one of them...

change me out!!

You can now find me at
(corrected, Thanks Valerie!!)


1 comment:

Valerie and Jeff said...

Hey Kelly,
You might need to change that to

I think you accidentally put an @ sign in there ...
but I was able to get there with a . instead

I assume you're keeping the other blog open for your bowtique sales? Otherwise you can just switch the blog address under your blogger setup and still keep the content I think. Early on I switched ours from our last name in the address to "Almy" instead (to be a little more private) and didn't loose anything in the process. yay!

(It made me nervous having our full last name in the title, not that it wouldn't be easy to locate us probably!)