Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prayer request

I have a job interview tonight- 6:45 EST.

I have been a SAHM for the past 6 years and loved every minute of it. Pre kids I was an art teacher for 7 years, first middle school and then elementary. I loved that too. Always said that I'd go back to the classroom when the Girly Girls were both in school. I started three years ago seeking a part time position in the new county we relocated to after the Girly Girls were born (a few days a week is usually available as a resource teacher), was hired after my first interview, and then the projected student enrollment did not materialize and the position was dissolved. Darn. So I have tried the past two years and there has not been anything. One school had an opening last year, but God made it clear that it was not a position I should accept. There are no openings for this coming school year. But we could use some additional income (who couldn't in these economic times?) and the Girlies will both be in elementary school the full day come September. I need to put my days to good use.

I decided that a preschool teaching position could be the perfect answer. Not a big income, but an income. And most importantly teaching pre K would be something I'd love and be really good at, and my girls would never miss me since I'd get to put them on the bus and be there to get them off. It would be a great transition back to the working world. I heard about a school that might have an opening. I emailed the director and in a matter of minutes she called. Resume and references were sent and she said she'd call to schedule an interview in a few days. When she called she was concerned that I'd not stick around, that my qualifications would have me jumping ship to a higher paying public school job. I assured her that I would never leave mid year, and there were not any public school jobs regardless. My interview was set for tonight for a 4 day pre K lead teacher vacancy. I called the head of Art for my county to see if there were any updates. Still no openings or anticipated retirements, moves, long term sub slots... Nada. Nothing. But please keep in touch.

So here I am, praying that this is the door God has opened for me. That I am a good fit for this church based preschool and them for me. I am at ease right now, supremely confident in my abilities to teach and love on the kids who would be in my class. I'm sure I'll get nervous as the interview time approaches. Would you keep me in your prayers today? I'd appreciate it!!



TanyaLea said...

Praying that nerves are calmed with His divine peace and that the interview goes well!

Go get'em, my friend!! :)


Adeye said...

YES, my friend. I am standing with you and trusting that God would make it so absolutely clear whether this is where He wants you!!! You will KNOW if this is it.

Please let us know as soon as you know.

Love and hugs

Tami said...

Sounds like a good fit to me....praying things went well for you. Hope you can give us an update.