Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I had the interview today. Nothing about it felt right. No obviously red flags, but noting really positive besides it being a job. Poorly conducted interview, no substantitive questions asked. It was obvious they are looking for a body. They offered it to me on the spot. At that point she knew nothing about me other than I had experience. A lot of pressure to sign the contract on the spot (um, no.) She wants me to let her know by noon tomorrow and start training Friday. More of an impact to the Girly Girls than I am happy with and a low salary (expected- it's a chain day care facility). In my heart I feel that this can't be what He has planned for me. A lot to pray about.



Amy Jo said...

Praying with you. I can feel your hard to put yourself out there, I know. I'm so EXCITED to see what God has on the other side for you. Keep pressing in and know that I'm praying WITH you! Blessings & grace, Amy

Tara Anderson said...

I'll be praying for you as well. I know it's tempting to jump at a "sure thing" but when we trust God in faith, He is able to open far more doors than we can imagine!! He's got just the right job lined up for you...whether it's this one or not! May His voice be clear on this one.

Many Blessings,

Adeye said...

Oh goodness my friend. I missed yesterdays post. Wow--you do have a lot to pray about. Go by the PEACE in your heart. If it's not there--DON"T take the job, it is not God's best for you! He WILL open another door.

TanyaLea said...

I'm with the others...and will certainly be praying for more clear direction. I agree with the Lord and have faith in His plans for you. I trust you will have 'peace' when it is the RIGHT one! I know He has something big in store for you Kelly...I said it before, but when I pray for you, I truly feel that. I know that peace and clarity will come when you are in that place. Continue to trust in Him!! <><

Big Hugs,