Friday, August 7, 2009

Pressing in

It's way too late for me to still be up, but I've been having a good night of blog reading that has ministered to me. Several of my favorite blogs (and a few new ones) so eloquently taught lessons I needed to learn or be reminded of tonight. We got home yesterday evening, back to the reality that I'm still burdened and stressed about not having a teaching job for the school year that starts in a few weeks. I never thought when I first applied to our then new county three years ago that teaching vacancies would be so rare. I know that He has something planned for me and our needs will be met and I'm trying to press into Him and His word instead of letting my emotional fears consume me. It's a constant choice to be made. It's far too easy to be anxious or worried or depressed. I'm writing down and trying to memorize scriptures that give me comfort and assurances to turn to when the fear creeps back. His plans are not mine, and I'm so glad about that! For now, I'll continue to wait, dig out my old teaching files and prepare so I'm ready if an opening does materialize, and be more and more in His word. I'm pressing in.



Adeye said...

Good for you, sweet friend--PRESS ON AND PRESS IN! Do not give up. God's plans for you are to prosper you in very way. Do not allow the enemy a foothold, which will bring you down. Stand firm and trust Him with this. Obviously the perfect job hasn't opened up yet--He's keeping it just for you :)

Amy Jo said...

Kelly - God has GOOD things for you! I pray that He begins to reveal them to you soon and in the meantime trust that He will more than meet your needs.

You are such a blessing!!!

With love and joy,

TanyaLea said...

Hey Sweet Friend! ~ I am so glad to see that you were encouraged by the blogs that you read that night. We have such an amazing community of fellow Christian ladies on here, and I love the way God uses this avenue to bring us together for one another! I know these past couple of months have brought forth some tough times for you and that you've had to lean on God for strength. But keep your chin up and keep press'in on, and I KNOW that He will see you through. Like Amy Jo, I too will pray that He begins to reveal His plans soon. Something inside me tells me that the Lord had big plans for you... so continue to trust Him and keep your eyes focused above, and I know he will clearly light that path! Hang in there, Kelly...and know that you are loved!
Blessings and Hugs,

Valerie and Jeff said...

Stay positive! God will put you on the right path in His timing. It's hard to wait at times though isn't it?! This was not where He wants you right now and the fact that you are not letting this turn of events to take you away from God but instead to draw you closer to Him will bring you so much greater blessings beyond the actual situation. I'm so glad you are finding encouragment from the blog community. It is so amazing to feel so close to these Christian ladies and know you are scattered like seeds across the US and the world!
Blessings to you!