Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An open window?

I had just had a pretty emotional prayer time by myself and the evidence of tears was still present on my face as I asked the girly girls to climb into my lap for some good night "rockey" in the rocking chair. They asked why I had been crying and I was able to have a wonderful teachable moment about prayer and not just thanking God in the roll call type of prayers they most often pray (Thank you God, for mommy, daddy, puppets...) but in how I was lifting my needs and concerns up to Him. We had a great conversation. Little Girly Girl was fully focused and, wow, she had some neat almost 5 year old insights.

After I put them to bed I sat down on the sofa by myself, turned on a praise and worship CD and grabbed my Bible. I didn't know where to turn and asked Him to direct me to a passage. I felt pulled to open Esther. I have been wanting to do the Beth Moore sudy, but haven't had an opportunity, and don't think I have ever read Esther in full before. As I read through the chapter and made my notes I was able to see many teachable moments. My summarizing note (I use a post it I stick in my Bible on the last page of the chapter) I wrote this: No matter how desperate our situation seems, God is in controll. He has used our circumstances and placed us where we are "for such a time as this." Never give up, even when all seems lost. Fast and pray. Seek God. Trust in Him for the deliverance we need. Take risks, be active. Allow God to use us. Know that God will step in when it will do the most good. Have faith, and when He is faithful act to remember His faithfulness and share testimony of His goodness.

This morning as I awoke I realized that I was not being active. I was waiting for the phone to ring, for God to have created a vacancy that I could interview for. I needed to continue to put myself out there, even to places whose doors appeared closed. So I wrote cover letter emails and sent the off with my resume to three preschools I was told were not hiring, just in case. Then I thought about a new child care facility not too far away. I looked up their website and it said they were hiring for two positions, one of which I'd be interested in. I wrote my letter and sent my resume and, just like before, in a matter of minutes the phone rang and they want me to come in for an interview immediately. I'm still pretty weak from the heat and fasting yesterday, so I said tomorrow would be best. I'm trying to contact my babysitter so I can call the assistant director back and set a specific time. My concern with day care was the hours because the facility is open 6:30-6:30 and the job posting didn't specify the job's hours. I inquired on the phone and she said that they were extremely flexible and could work around my schedule so that I could see the girly girls on and off the bus. Is this my open window, God?



Tara Anderson said...

I love the insights you gained from reading Esther. Such an amazing book! I may need to read it again and draw my own "reminders" from the text.

After reading your post, I prayed that God will reveal HIS path to you and that you will find your peace in Him. I know He's at work and I'm anxious to see what He's going to do! Good luck with the interview! :)


Amy Jo said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing and for TEACHING us through your experience. Wow. God is so good. Love that you took the time to share your heart and faith with your daughters. They are like sponges and will soak up all that you share. I've seen it happen with my own children and have just been blown away. Such a blessing!

LOVE the book of Esther. My church did a women's retreat called "For Such a Time as This." :-)

Praying the blessings keep coming and that God reveals more and more of the beautiful to you, Friend!

With JOY,

TanyaLea said...

I can't wait to see what HE brings to you for your faithfulness in pressing on...pressing toward the mark! Praying for His peace to be over you as decisions are being made...he will make it happen!! <><


Valerie and Jeff said...

Esther is my favorite Bible story. I also would love to do the Beth Moore study but have not had the opportunity. I think I read somewhere that Esther's name Haddasah means "hope"? For many reasons in my own life and in the intricasies of Esther's story I find that so encouraging. I also read that Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God ... and yet He is present as is His guiding hand in all things.
So Very Mighty.

Keep praying on the job! He has the perfect thing for you I'm sure.